Shower system, wall-mounted, thermostatic.

Thermostatic shower mixer
Shower head: Ultra SlimLine WGU220
Shower hand: Hudson X-R
Shower hose: Omnires 023

Shower bottom outlet: 1/2"
Hot water lock at 38° C

Arm reach from the wall: 43 cm
System height: adjustable, 80 cm - 130 cm
Rain shower/hand shower stream switch embedded in the water knob

Finish: chrome

Cena brutto: 1081.00 PLN
Thermostatic mixers keep the flowing water at exact, preset temperature (e.g. 38° C).
Easy Clean system prevents dirt and limescale deposits, making the nozzles easier to clean.
All our mixers are equipped with aerators, which mix water with air. Apart from this, chosen products are installed with flow regulators, which greatly reduce the use of water.