Mini MI1544-X/O

Shower system, wall-mounted, thermostatic.

Thermostatic shower mixer
Shower head: Ocean WGR120
Shower hand: Micro-R
Shower hose: Omnires 023

Shower bottom outlet: 1/2"
Hot water lock at 38° C

Arm reach from the wall: 35,6 cm
System height: adjustable, 79,5 cm - 130 cm

Finish: chrome

Cena brutto: 626.00 PLN
Thermostatic mixers keep the flowing water at exact, preset temperature (e.g. 38° C).
The Air system mixes the outflowing water with air. As a result, the droplets are fuller and softer and the shower experiencemore delicate and relaxing.
Easy Clean system prevents dirt and limescale deposits, making the nozzles easier to clean.