Mini MI1544-X/K

Shower system, wall-mounted, thermostatic.

Thermostatic shower mixer
Shower head: Ocean WG220
Shower hand: Micro-R/K
Shower hose: Omnires 023

Shower bottom outlet: 1/2"
Hot water lock at 38° C

Arm reach from the wall: 35,6 cm
System height: adjustable, 79,5 cm - 130 cm

Finish: chrome

Cena brutto: 636.00 PLN
Thermostatic mixers keep the flowing water at exact, preset temperature (e.g. 38° C).
The Air system mixes the outflowing water with air. As a result, the droplets are fuller and softer and the shower experiencemore delicate and relaxing.
Mist is an innovative feature of the shower stream formed by particles of water ejected under great pressure. Such stream is extremely delicate and, with its perceptible temperature a few degrees lower, makes it a wonderful refreshment during hot days.