Fresh SYS FR11

Shower system, built-in, promotional set.

Built-in bath mixer: Fresh FR7135
Shower head: Ocean WGR225
Brass shower arm: Omnires RA12
Shower set: JimJim-S
Brass shower elbow: Omnires 8870

Finish: chrome

Cena brutto: 1077.00 PLN
Easy Clean system prevents dirt and limescale deposits, making the nozzles easier to clean.
The Air system mixes the outflowing water with air. As a result, the droplets are fuller and softer and the shower experiencemore delicate and relaxing.
Sliding element in sliding bars marked with this symbol are equipped with automatic blocking mechanism, which simplifies the positioning of hand shower.
To avoid scalding and conserve energy, limit maximum temperature through 7-step cartridge switch.
Mixer cartridge lets you limit maximum water flow for water saving.