Fresh SYS FR10

Shower system, built-in, promotional set.

Built-in bath mixer: Fresh FR7135
Shower head: Ocean WGR225
Brass shower arm: Omnires RA12
Shower hand: JimJim-R
Shower hose: Silver X 150
Brass shower elbow with a wall bracket: Omnires 8876

Finish: chrome

Cena brutto: 987.00 PLN
Easy Clean system prevents dirt and limescale deposits, making the nozzles easier to clean.
The Air system mixes the outflowing water with air. As a result, the droplets are fuller and softer and the shower experiencemore delicate and relaxing.
To avoid scalding and conserve energy, limit maximum temperature through 7-step cartridge switch.
Mixer cartridge lets you limit maximum water flow for water saving.