Fresh FR7112

Washbasin mixer, L-size.

Spout reach: 17 cm
Water outflow height: 23 cm
Total mixer height: 27,7 cm

Finish: chrome

Cena brutto: 697.00 PLN

Connection: 3/8"

Type of cartridge: Tall 35 mm

Flow rate: B

Acoustic group: II

Body material: Brass

Bez otworu pod korek automatycznyThe majority of our washbasin and bidet mixers are intended to be used with pop up wastes. Such mixers are designed without an automatic waste hole in the back of the body.
Ogranicznik temperaturyTo avoid scalding and conserve energy, limit maximum temperature through 7-step cartridge switch.
Ogranicznik przepływuMixer cartridge lets you limit maximum water flow for water saving.
Ukryty perlatorAn aerator is hidden within the body, enhancing the waterflow and overal look of the mixer.
Regulowany perlatorAdjustable aerator lets you adjust the water flow by 7° in any direction from vertical axis.